Jiffy Car Wash

(616) 235-3814 / (616) 550-9727

Jiffykey Advantages

- Never expires
- No holding of credit card info
- Does not require an attendant
- Works 24/7 at all 4 sites

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Did you know that washing cars in
your driveway is one of the most
environmentally un-friendly chores
you can do?

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  • Our Services
  • Touchless Automatic Car Wash
  • Self Service Car Wash
  • Vacuums
  • Carpet Shampooer
  • Fragrance
  • Vending Towels, Armor All, Wet Towels
  • You can use your own Jiffy Key to pay for any of the above services.


Jiffy Car Wash has been in business since 1996. During this time we have been improving each location with the most reliable and current technology offered today. Each Car Wash is clean and well maintained. We also offer Jiffykeys to all our customers. Jiffykey is a convenient, cashless system that allows you to purchase services at Jiffy Car Wash. Jiffykey is an actual key with a microchip embedded in it, that can fit on your key ring. This key when inserted into a Jiffykey “keycepticle” can activate a carwash bay, vacuum, or Touchless Laser Wash Automatic at 4 Jiffy Car Wash locations (see locations page). Just insert your Jiffykey into a self service bay, vacuum or vendor and turn it on. To use your key in a Touchless Laser Wash Automatic, simply insert it into a keycepticle, on the Autocashier, turn it on, and select the desired wash, remove the key and follow the signs into the bay.